The Canadian Cat Association (CCA)

Canada's registry of pedigreed cats since 1960.

In 1960, a small group of Canadians gathered to explore the possibility of forming a Canadian registry for purebred felines. Before this event, all registrations had to be filed in the United States or Europe and all cat shows held in Canada were held under the rules of American associations.

The intent of the founding members is expressed in the Letters Patent of the Association: To promote the welfare of all the cats in Canada, to further the improvement of all breeds of cats in Canada and to maintain a registry of purebred cats.

By the following year enough support was gathered from members of the Canadian cat fancy to go into business and registrations were entered in a Canadian stud book for the first time. Soon after, clubs were formed which affiliated with CCA and with the publication of Show Rules, championship shows followed.

Since that time CCA has maintained a registry of purebred cats of such quality that our records are accepted by all associations throughout the world, and while we may not be the largest association , our service is second to none.

To date our Canadian Cat Association has over 190,000 individual cats registered. Since 1960, the Canadian Cat Association had grown and evolved into a registry of great merit, with affiliated clubs across Canada. CCA will continue to look to the future while we carry on the dreams of our founders; to provide the Canadian cat fancy with an association that is governed by its members and dedicated to the well being of all cats.