Breeder and Cattery Awards

Show Season 

Best Breeder of the Year

Pauline Bratt (Sa-Shai)

Another new perpetual plaque award for the "Breeder of the Year" presented to the highest scoring breeder of all cats, kittens and alters bred and showed or not by the recipient.

Pauline Bratt of Sa-Shai Siamese, donated this award and is the first recipient. Left Karen Mikza 2nd CCA Vice president and right: Robert Gleason, CCA president.

Best Cattery of the Year

Nicole & René Menwig (Deverest)

Perpetual trophy awarded to the highest achiever cattery during the show season. donated by Louise Perreault, in honour of 2007-2008 Loupa’s four national winners. Recipient: Deverest cattery owned by Nicole and René Menweg who bred and showed three 2013-2014 national winners