Registering a Cat

Registering a cat with CCA-AFC is quick and easy! Let’s walk through the process.

All documents should be sent as high-resolution scans or photos to

All registrations require the payment of a fee. Please refer to our Price List. Payments can be sent via Interac e-transfer to For other payment methods, please contact us.

Cats from CCA-AFC breeders

Your breeder should have provided you with a CCA-AFC registration form.

  • Forms with a yellow border are prepaid and are free to submit.
  • Forms with a green border require payment. The price is printed on the bottom right corner of the form.

If you have purchased a cat that is already CCA-AFC registered, complete the Transfer of Ownership form. This is printed on either the bottom half or back of the registration certificate.

Cats from other associations

To register a cat from another association, you must provide the following documents:

  • A minimum 3-generation certified pedigree from a recognized association.
    Recognized associations include: ACFA, CFA, TICA, FIFE, WCF, GCCF, and more.
    Certain breeds require additional generations. Please refer to the Breed Standards for more information.
  • One of the following proof of ownership documents:
    Registration certificate
    Transfer papers
    Signed sales contract between yourself and the previous owner

Non-breeding cats can be registered using only a registration certificate, although CCA-AFC reserves the right to request a pedigree at time of registration. These cats will be marked Not For Breeding.

Please note that any cattery names belonging to the owner of the cat (not the breeder) will be removed from imported cats unless they are identical to the owner’s CCA-AFC cattery name. To add your CCA-AFC cattery name as a suffix, you will need to pay an additional fee (see our Price List).

Registering a Litter

To register a litter with CCA-AFC, you must complete the Litter Registration Form.

  • Both parents must be CCA-AFC registered.
  • If you do not own the sire, enter the sire owner’s information. We will contact them to verify the litter.
  • Fill out the kitten description boxes even if you are not registering the kittens at this time. This helps prevent mistakes and false registrations.

To register the kittens in a litter, there are two options:

  • Non-prepaid kitten registrations are included in the base litter registration fee. These registration forms will cost money to submit.
  • Prepaid kitten registrations can be purchased for all kittens in a litter at a bulk rate, in addition to the base litter registration fee.
    If you have name and new owner information, include them on the litter form. You will receive completed individual registration certificates.
    If you do not have name and new owner information, leave these areas blank. You will receive a blank prepaid registration form, which is free to submit.
    If part of the litter has names and owners and part does not, fill out as much as you can. You will receive a mix of completed registration certificates and prepaid forms.

Recording a Household Pet

Household Pet recording is available for cats competing in our Household Pet class. To register a Household Pet:

  • Your cat must be spayed or neutered.
  • Your cat cannot be declawed.
  • Both non-pedigreed cats and pedigreed cats who do not meet the show standard for their breed can be recorded as Household Pets, provided they meet the previous two requirements.
  • You must complete the Household Pet Recording Application: Not to be used for breeding cats..
  • If you do not know your cat’s date of birth, make your best guess.
  • If you do not know your cat’s colour, make your best guess or feel free send a clear photo showing the cat’s body and eye colour along with your application.