The Jerry-Miller Award

The Jerry Miller Award has been created to honour outstanding services to the Canadian Cat Association as well as to a CCA clubs.

Jerry Miller passed away on May 16 1994, in the middle of his second year of his president mandate. The award was created by the CCA Board of director following year. Jerry Miller made an outstanding contribution to the CCA that he served with distinction as President, Treasurer and long time Director, as well as being a founding member of the Motor City Cat Club. This award honours a member of the CCA in his name and his memory.
2022Katrina Postma
2021Christine Ling
2020Janice Fritz
2019Jamie & Bill Cournoyea
2018Karen Miksza
2017Jan Coburn & Linda Raines
2016JoAnne Lynch
2015John Simon Smith
2014Ellie Smith Leighton
2013Monique Beaudet
2012Leslie & Mike Chapman
2011Janet Baranik
2010JoAnne Prima
2009Maureen Needham
2008Jean Morphee Barnard
2007Claire Lamontagne
2006Jo-Anne & Jeff McGown
2005Eleanor MacDonald
2004Terry Farrell
2003Gail & Tony Sellers
2001Margaret Gadouas
2000Louise Laliberté
1999Elaine & Bob Gleason
1998Nicole Menweg
1997Madge & Bill Turner
1996Roger Boisselle
1995George Louch