Price List

1Litter registration$40.00$20.00
2Prepaid individual registrations (each)
ALL kittens in the litter must be registered when original litter registration is processed. Name of cat and future owner NOT REQUIRED
3Individual registration of a CCA-AFC litter registered cat$40.00$20.00
4Registration of a non CCA-AFC registered cat
(registered with another recognized association) 3 generation CERTIFIED PEDIGREE (5 generation preferred) from another recognized association with all registration numbers and colours identified PLUS a copy of the cat’s individual registration certificate from that association. NOTE: Abyssinians, Siamese and Persians have additional requirements.
5Recording certificate for Household Pet$18.00$9.00
6Corrections to original registration certificate$34.00$17.00
7Colour/pattern changes$34.00$17.00
8Transfer of ownership$34.00$17.00
9Additions/deletions to a cat registration
(i.e., cattery name, owner)
10Duplicate certificates$34.00$17.00
11Confirmation of Titles
(CCA Champion/Premier/Companion)
12Honorary title confirmation
Elite Merit, Double & Triple Crown, Grand of Distinction, International Champion/Premier/Companion, International Grand Champion/Premier/Companion
13Cattery name registration
(MUST be a CCA member to apply)
14Cattery name modification or duplicate $30.00