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  • Adult cats entered in Championship or Premiership classes must be registered with CCA or with a Listed Open Number (LON) or Registration Pending Number (RPN). A LON is $11 and must be obtained from the CCA office and is valid for one weekend only. An RPN is $22 and must be obtained from the CCA office and is valid for 30 days from the first day of its first show. (NOTE: LON entries cannot transfer to Champion or Premier until registered with CCA. Points won will be banked and applied to entry once it is registered. RPN entries can transfer to next title class during the 30-day limit but must be registered with CCA to receive certificate confirmation.) The show entry form and entry fee must be submitted to the Entry Clerk, who will hold it until notified by the CCA with the LON or RPN number, at which time the entry will be processed provided that entries have not closed.
  • Unregistered kittens which are registerable in CCA (i.e., a recognized breed with allowed ancestry) can be shown without purchasing a listing number. Such kittens will be entered in the show catalogue and compete normally but will not be scored for regional or national points. Only CCA litter registered, CCA individually registered, or kittens with a Registration Pending Number ($22) will be scored. Kittens entered with a CCA litter number or RPN must be registered with CCA by the end of the show season April 30 and no later than May 15 to qualify for Regional or National Awards.
  • Household Pets Must be 4 months of age or older. Cats 6 months or older MUST be neutered or spayed but NOT DECLAWED. (De-clawed cats may not enter any class in the show.) Household pets recorded with CCA are eligible for titles and Regional/National scoring.